Welcome Annites !

Alumnae Association serves the alumni in carrying out a variety of activities. It strengthens ties between alumni, as well as between alumni and Alma Mater, providing opportunities for cooperation and communication. Interactions with them have always been beneficial to the college as it reduces the industry academic gap. The interaction with the alumnae is more informal immature and mostly at departmental level. Various departments have frequent interaction with the alumni. They are invited to share their experiences with the current students helping them to get exposure on industry requirements and trend.

They are also invited as experts at seminars for delivering guest lecturers in the areas of their expertise, experts,’ judges for competitions etc. The alumnae are an important stakeholder. The alumnae of the college are successful in various fields like teaching, government services, business, corporate company, various company secretaries, IT, etc. the college has encouraged meritorious alumni to work as staff members in the college.

The Alumni Association office of St.Anne’s Degree College for Women is also committed to establishing links between various prospective employers and the students of St.Anne’s Degree College for Women through their departments. Any alumnus can get included in this directory by sending us details at annescollegealumnae@gmail.com.


Sl.No Name Designation
1 Ms. Rajeshwari. R President
2 Ms.Navya R Vice-President
3 Sr. Kulandai Yesu.C Secretary
4 Ms. Sailalitha K Treasurer
5 Ms.Kavya K Member
6 Ms.Sindhu P Member
7 Ms.Lilly Albert Member
8 Ms.Daljit Kaur Member
9 Ms.Priya N Member
10 Ms.Mamatha G Member
11 Ms.Sandhya S Member
12 Ms.Swathi S Member